Paving the Way

Learn about Do the Right Thing’s newest opportunity to improve lives.

About Paving the Way

Do the Right Thing launched “Paving the Way” in 2018 to help students wanting to attend Running Start. What you may not know about Running Start is that many students are in a precarious position when they are in High School wanting to attend the program. Many of these students are a product of what we call an unfulfilled need in many school districts in Washington State. What is the need and why is there a need you may ask? Many of these students are in a situation that does not qualify for free or reduced lunch or scholarships to Running Start due to just barely being above the family income cap. It is truly a hardship for the student, the family, and many times the counselors and staff who wish they could help support or fund these Students.

“Paving the Way” is a yearly startup program to help families who are working hard, but their student/child is in a position of maybe not being able to attend Running Start because of the financial hardship of the student needing 3 basic things to attend:

  •  Gas money for the student to drive, be driven or take transit to attend classes.
  •  Lunch/snack money when they are attending Running Start
  • Textbooks, supplies needed for classes.

We have researched with counselors, current and former students of the Running Start program and have determined there is a definitive need. We believe the “Paving the Way” program will help relieve stress on those who want to become leaders by getting a Running Start on “Paving the Way” to better education.

Please take a moment to read this excerpt of a plea from a student trying to get support for another college-bound project she was interested in attending.

This plea for help was written in April 2018.

Normally I would not ask for money due to my strong independent nature and my belief you work hard for what you want/need. Due to the unfortunate financial difficulties that my family struggles with currently this shows me that I need to accept the goodwill of others or else I will be unable to attend. I truly believe that this program will be a great stepping stone to my college and career endeavors.

My father has fallen ill to a rare cancer call Nasopharyngeal, this has been a reoccurring battle for him since 2014 and, he has had chemotherapy 3 different times and has suffered through traditional radiation and proton radiation. Unfortunately, it has come back to hit him a lot harder this time, not only has it grown bigger, but it is affecting his nerves and daily life Thankfully we do have some support from the VA but it doesn’t cover all costs, we are very thankful my Mother is working hard at her job to keep our bills paid and to keep us in our home. We have some extra expenses to send both I and my sister to school at Highline Community College (I am a junior in running start). The gas mileage to get to and from Highline every day, adds up to a hefty sum along with other school-related needs.

While you read this story, maybe think of what is this family doing to make it through this trying time, we had another setback. Last year, unfortunately, we were taken off of the “reduced/free lunch” within the school district, I had to stop eating school lunch every day for a majority of my Sophomore year because the school deemed our family as having ‘enough-money’ to be able to pay for it. Despite what the school thought of our financial situation, we did not have enough to pay for both of us be able to eat at school every day. So, I often refrained from eating in order to let my younger brother be able to eat. Sadly, this still continues at my time at Highline. I still don’t have enough money to eat every day while I am there nor do I have the financial aid I need there.

The reason for such a lengthy letter is to give you a glimpse of my life and why I am asking for your organization to please consider supporting my cause.

Thank you for reading her impassioned plea for help, I have purposely omitted her name in respect to her family. Even after this plea, unfortunately she was unable to attend due to lack of funds & support.

Do the Right Thing truly wants to see more students like this young lady who want to become leaders, better their lives and help their Families and Communities.

We would be happy to discuss how this program which she helped launch will benefit her and many others in the future…

I would ask that you would consider the discussion with your company, organization or your family if you would like to help “Pave the Way”.

We have determined it will take approximately $225.00 per student each month to cover lunch, gas/transit and cover some textbook costs. We started out with 6 students in the 2018-2019 school year (that is 1 student from each Federal Way High School) and funded 4 students for the 2019-2020. Then covid hit and we began funding 3 students again in the 2022-2023 school year. In 2023-2024 we are funding 1 student as the school district took over funding for all students.

Our Mission

Do the Right Thing collaborates with public and private organizations to help meet the needs of at-risk families with children.

Our Vision

We host annual events such as “The March of Diapers,” which collects money, diapers & wipes to distribute to organizations that serve low-income families.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing strives to empower, improve, and engage with local community to help raise awareness and drive support to babies in need through Diaper and Wipes donations.

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